Meet Captivate: Chris

Screen Shot 2012-12-16 at 5.21.57 PMA few years ago I met this man named Chris who was giving Captivate Church a shot after co-workers who attended Captivate told him that he needed to give his life to Christ.  Being open but not convinced, Chris attended the church not really expecting to find anything noteworthy from his visit.  What he found was love of God.

Within a few weeks, Chris received the truth of the gospel and trusted Christ as His Savior.  Shortly after making his profession, Chris was baptized in front of not only his new church but also his family and coworkers.  Since that day God has been refining and developing this man.

One of Chris’s challenges was found in handling his anger.  Rage filled his heart like the hearts of many men who have yet to bow their knee to Christ.  Coworkers observed Chris flying off of the handle when things didn’t go his way or when pressures of life seemed to overwhelm him.  Fast forward two years and Chris is a new man.  Anger and frustration has been replaced with kindness and humility.  I’ve seen fists of rage exchanged for tears of brokenness.

The picture above is from this Friday, December 14th.  Chris is seen here being ‘caught’ doing something kind, tenderhearted and loving.  What this picture doesn’t tell you is that he was able to be present because he took vacation time from work to take part in serving the students of William Paca Elementary school.  God has done a great work in Chris’ life and he can do a great work in yours as well.  If you have yet to meet Christ I want you to know that he can change your life.  If you have yet to meet Chris you can find him each and every Sunday serving at Captivate Church.  He’ll be one of the men who greet you with a smile near the door.  Tell him that his pastor is proud.


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