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As you may know by now, I went to Kenya this summer.  We spent time in Nairobi and the the Kibera Slum as well as the most south-western area of Kenya known as Muhuru Bay.

In Muhuru Bay, Kenya we were introduced to a community with no safe drinking water, a high prevelance of HIV/AIDS and an educational system that is leaving generations of children behind.

At our church, Captivate Church, we live with a motto “A need seen is an assignment given.” We felt called by God to address the most pressing needs we were seeing.  One of the projects we took on was the creation of a much needed school for the region.  Children had a literal mountain to climb if they were to attend school at all.  The distance and mountain made it impossible for children younger than 11 to actually even begin to receive instruction.  We decided to create a primary school to help children get an education prior to 3rd grade so that when they were strong enough to climb the mountain they could do so and not have to start with kindergarten at 11 years old.  What was occurring was that many children would simply avoid school completely because they felt that they were so far behind.  It made more sense for them to tend to the family cattle or worse yet, go into the type of life that brought about the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Our visit was in July.  We made a decision while we were on the ground that we would be part of the solution and rally others to join us.  By God’s grace and favor, in September, only two months later, we were able to launch the “Captivate Christian Academy” in Muhuru Bay, Kenya!  Our church is so excited about this project and the great reports we are already seeing from the ground. Check out some pictures of our inaugural classes of students!

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In addition to the lack of education for primary school, we saw that only three people among these thousands had gone on to University.  In my preaching I shared with them (through my interpreter and brother, Shadrack) that I believe we will see the day when it becomes NORMAL to see University students coming from Muhuru Bay, Kenya!  I said that in faith because I see no reason why God cannot do for the people of Muhuru Bay what he has done for this kid from Baltimore City, MD, USA.  He took me from poverty and helped me become the first in my family tree to graduate High School and attend University… He can do that in Kenya!

Today I received a most encouraging email from my brother Shadrack.  He gave me this report:  (edited for length)

Samuel  was born in 1988 to a very poor family in my community just like many of our parents, uneducated and had no knowledge about education. After repeating grade 8 two times, some of us in the community took a bold step to enroll him in a local high school.

Unable to attend University, he was just volunteering at our local high school, offering free services in the school. 

When we visited in July this year., he told me that while you were preaching, you repeatedly said that going to the University will be normal to the community and many students will be enrolled in the universities. He literally took it as his message. Come September 2013, he was surprised to get a direct enrollment letter from one of the government Universities where he was chosen to go.

He told me that he called the Church members and the community and they prayed with him. Later, they did some fundraising for him which they only got USD100.00 which was less than a third of the required fees for the 1st semester and other things. Being blessed by the strong words you spoke, last week, he went to the University with only USD 100.00

When he reported, he was told to pay at least a half of the semester money before asking for even changing the course. He called me and told me the whole episode and I asked him how much is needed to reach the half. I sent him USD 300.00 more, and he was enrolled and changed his course and he is really really grateful for the message which he believes changed his life for good. 

He is the third person of my community to have enrolled in the University.

We are all proud of him. So he has told me to inform you that your strong message you passed across in July may fulfill the vision he has and many more students in the community to follow his steps.

Wow!  What a testimony!

I don’t know about you, but it sends chills up my arms when I read that a young man who had lost hope that he may ever receive University-level education will now enter University!  To see God provide for a faithful young man who was volunteering his time to educate others in his community… a community without clean drinking water.

Samuel is now the third from this community to enter University.  Not the third from a class or the third of a family…. the third of an entire region!  Ohh that God would allow all of us to speak life based on faith to see Him do the miraculous.

I don’t know what your situation is today but what I do know is that we serve a God of the miracle.  This miracle-working God still shows up and shows off today for people who trust and believe.  I can’t say that in every case and at every time God will match His plans with your desires but what I can say is that He moves when our desires match His plans!

Please pray for my friends in Muhuru Bay, Kenya.  Please pray for my friend Samuel.  Please pray for the Captivate Christian Academy.  I sincerely believe that we will see it become the norm that children from this remote area go on to University.  I’m believing God for it but I’m also putting my money behind my beliefs.  Would you consider joining me?  Please visit Kenya50k.com for more info.  Don’t just visit, support these kids and their God-given dreams!

Maybe you have a church that is interested in missions.  I would be honored to share with you how your church could partner with ours and change the lives of thousands by meeting practical needs and spreading the message of the gospel of Christ!  Have them contact me!


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