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A few months ago I got a call from one of our partners.  They offered to bring a team up to Baltimore the week before Christmas.  I knew just the project they could make happen.

Within a few days I sat with the principal of a local school near our East Baltimore Church location.  This school has more recently been called a 90/90 school.  This means that 90% of the students live below the poverty line but also 90% of the students are proficient in their studies.  Effectively they are at grade-level while living in a very impoverished environment.

In my conversation with the principal we talked about ways that our church could partner with this great school to benefit the students and the teachers who serve them.

The plan was set.  We decided we were going to give two grade levels worth of students a Christmas present.  Additionally we were going to bless the teachers with a great appreciation dinner in their honor!

On Monday, December 20th we were able to see the payoff!

In partnership with Sherwood Church and their Christian Academy we brought a lot of joy to nearly 300 lives!  With additional partnership help from FBC Concord we were able