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There is no true humility before one is presented with the Gospel. Prior to that our best humility is still based in our own opinion or effort. So even the best humility apart from a full acknowledgement of sin and impending death (separation from God), there is nothing but pride.

I’m quite certain that Saul -like you and I- was not truly humble until he realized the magnitude of his sin and that the only remedy to be found was in Jesus and not himself. Remember, Paul would later recollect much of this in Philippians 3. He compares and contrasts how before Christ all of his confidence was in the flesh. After meeting Christ he considers all previous things ‘loss’ and ‘garbage’.

True humility can only be found in the Gospel, the acknowledgement that we -on our best day in the flesh- are at best pious and at worst ignorant and damned.

Humility tosses out all of that strenuous and meaningless work in favor of relaxation in the truth that the cross doesn’t demand our labor; but rather our faith, trust and dependance on Jesus to be sufficient.

He is enough, He is everything and when we can put down our religious resume and acknowledge that we find humility, we find freedom and we find Christ.