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Over the course of the last few months I’ve been thinking about a Christian myth that most of us don’t really ‘say’ out loud but we share by our silence.  To me it has become the greatest Christian lie.

In the last 24 hours I’ve talked with 7 different people about their life and nearly all of them are battling this Christian lie.  It’s unhealthy and I pray our generation repents and works hard to avoid passing it down to the generation behind us.

The Christian Lie:  “My brokenness is worse than their brokenness.”

I have a stack of papers on my desk.  Some of them are good things that need to be filed away, some of the pages are junk that need to be tossed out.  The reality is that I’ve seen this pile every day for a week.  I have a good idea of what is in it and I know that “later” I will deal with this pile and get it cleaned up.

That’s essentially how we all treat our own brokenness.  We get very familiar with all of the areas of sin, pride, anger, bitterness