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Born to a 17-year old unwed mother, Pastor Tally was raised in various neighborhoods in and around Baltimore City.  The first in his family to graduate High School, College (pre-law) and go on to a Masters program (religion).  He has experienced both welfare lines and graduation ceremonies.

In 2008, while living in Virginia Beach, he felt the call of God to move back to his hometown of Baltimore not only to start a church but to change a city with the Gospel.  Through locations in East Baltimore and Towson, this new church named Captivate Church shares a message of hope, faith and love that reaches out to people regardless of status.  The churches motto is “We give life by connecting people to God through His Son Jesus Christ.”

God has given Pastor Tally a vision to build a church that ministers to both an urban and suburban context.  “The gospel is life-giving, Jesus spoke of living in a healthy tension between wholeness and brokenness.  I call it being ‘wholly-broken’.  God wants those of us who are down to be made whole and those who are a little too self-assured to be broken before Him.  Its in this balance that we find our promised abundant life in Christ.”

With a heart to bring the Gospel to the city of Baltimore, Pastor Tally is an outspoken supporter of other Pastors and churches around the city.  His heart is to see God bring other great leaders to start churches or revitalize churches so Jesus would be made famous in this city. He continues to call out real faith that stirs God-given passion and preach an audacious hope in Christ that can turn a city upside down.