Meet Captivate: Chris

A few years ago I met this man named Chris who was giving Captivate Church a shot after co-workers who attended Captivate told him that he needed to give his life to Christ.  Being open but not convinced, Chris attended the church not really expecting to find anything noteworthy from…

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Count What Counts pt 2

Yesterday I left you with this question:  If you and I go fishing together and you are catching fish but every once in a while I snag a fish from your holding tank and put them into mine am I an effective fisherman? The answer is an emphatic ‘no’.  …

📅09 May 2012 📅Tally Wilgis 4 comments
Count What Counts pt 1

Today I read a post by Shawn Lovejoy which is actually an excerpt from his book ‘The Measure of Our Success: An Impassioned Plea To Pastors”.  I purchased his book on Kindle this morning and got about 20% through before my first meeting of the day.  Shawn’s post ‘Who Are…

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The Church

This past week I took a moment to describe what people want out of churches and how I pray we as Captivate Church stay focused on what I believe Jesus wants out of churches.

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